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Mobility Classes


We all get one body. Get the most out of yours.

Modern conveniences are a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand technology connects us and allows work to be done in ways that only a few years ago would have been thought of as science fiction. On the other hand, all that technology has made life in general so convenient, that modern humans are moving less and less throughout their typical day. 

The side effects are akin to sports specialization in athletes. Joint stiffness, back pain and a whole host of other musculoskeletal ailments can often be attributed to decreasing or unchanging activity levels. Whether you sit or stand for work, chances your movement habits have gotten a bit stale.


Our goal with these classes is to improve joint health and nutrition by utilizing the best medicine: movement. And a variety of movement. The human body craves movement variety. Through coordination, mobility, and strengthening drills used in yoga, strength training, and gymnastics we'll teach you how to get the most out of your body so that you can walk, run, squat, lift, bend, throw, climb, HUMAN...better.

Our passion is to make people move better, at any level. This includes ourselves. We practice what we preach and all train regularly to keep ourselves strong, and our joints healthy. We have learned a lot about movement as a medicine through our individual practices (which you can follow through Instagram: Dr. Karen, Dr. Piotr, and Dr. Slavko). Improving joint mobility, balance, and coordination will make difficult movements easier. Some of these qualities naturally decrease in the aging process, but it is never too late to adapt and improve!


Everyone only gets one body. If you want more out of yours, contact us for a 

complimentary discovery session today. We would love to help you find your movement motivation.