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Team Sapiens Physical Therapy

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Patient Centered Physical Therapy

At Team Sapiens, you work with a physical therapist. We see ourselves primarily as teachers. Rather than doing technique “x”, we guide, so that you can learn new skills, adapt, and live your best life.


Fear and misinformation continue to dominate the rehabilitation field. These are consequences fed by a desire to provide neat and simple explanations for pain and injuries. Human bodies are complex.  Ailments need to be considered with a significantly higher degree of nuance. Linear models are easy to conceptualize, but not so useful when practicing in a non-linear world. Fortunately, there is growing awareness of consequences stemming from patho-anatomically focused treatment approaches. 


As a result, we are emphatically, movement optimists. In the right environment, the human body is incredibly resilient. Come work with us, to learn how to optimize your body and overall movement experience. 

What People Say About Us

Protect Against Future Injuries

“Best place I’ve been to for physical therapy! Went to them for shoulders, hips, and ankles and had very positive results with all. They will push your limits and not only make you feel better but also help to protect you against future injury. I would recommend this group to anyone serious about not only getting back to where they were but to getting better than where they were originally.” 


—  D. W.