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Telehealth Physical Therapy

Team Sapiens Physical Therapy provides a telehealth (online) service for Illinois residents with inadequate access to direct therapist interaction due to limitation by geography, finances, and time.

See FAQs below for explanations of common concerns.


What is telehealth physical therapy?
  • Telehealth physical therapy is a virtual consultation based service using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It allows people to connect with a licensed physical therapist they otherwise would not be able to access. This may be due to geography (limited healthcare access in rural areas), work schedule conflicts, transportation issues, limited financial resources, etc. As long as you have internet access, you can connect with a physical therapist from the comfort of your home or office!

  • You may be asking yourself how a conversation will help you reduce pain and move better. Don't underestimate the power of sound (science based and evidence informed) guidance. Physical therapy is less about 'fixing' than it is about developing skills that will foster adaptation, autonomy, and control of your unique situation. Information from your history, symptom pattern, and observation of movement provide the necessary data to determine a prudent course of action as well as a prognosis for recovery.

  • All of our therapists operate utilizing principles from the McKenzie or MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) Method. This is a movement based assessment that will systematically allow your therapist to analyze your symptom behavior and determine the appropriate path to recovery.

  • All of our therapists are licensed to practice in the state of Illinois and have completed their Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

  • Some people may benefit more from an in-person visit or are not appropriate for physical therapy at this time. If this is the case we will provide an appropriate referral to ensure a good outcome. Many "hands on" techniques can also be safely taught and performed in the home.

What are the benefits of telehealth physical therapy?
  • Quality - All of our sessions (in person or online) are 1:1 with no distractions from your needs.

  • Save time - No travel involved. You can literally be anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Save money - Overhead costs to us are minimal, so we pass the savings along to you.

  • Real world analysis - Want to show your PT something specific with your sport/work/activity? Let's set up a virtual conference and analyze on the spot.

Do I need a physician referral?
  • No referral necessary. Illinois is a Direct Access state and allows physical therapist's to evaluate and treat ailments related to injury as long as the PCP is notified within 5 business days. This provision does not apply for fitness/wellness related concerns.

How do I pay for telehealth physical therapy?
  • Payment is due at time of service. We accept all major credit cards through Square as well as Chase Quickpay. Online physical therapy services are considered out-of-network with all insurance providers and plans, at this time. You may submit proof of services and payment to your insurance provider, but reimbursement is not guaranteed. At your request, we will supply you the appropriate paperwork for this purpose, but cannot submit billing to your insurance provider. 

Can I schedule an appointment for wellness/if I don't have pain?
  • Yes, of course! Pain is only one part of the human experience and you may have other concerns related to your fitness and longterm wellness. Fear or unknown can impede your ability to engage in your favorite physical activities. If you have questions or concerns about your physical ability to move or participate in various activities telehealth is an excellent way to address them. Physical therapists are trained to identify risk factors and give a prognosis. Achieving a better understanding of your body can be a simple conversation away.

How do you ensure my privacy?
  • Privacy and confidentiality are of the upmost importance. For this reason all our telehealth communications are encrypted. Additionally, no audio or video will ever be stored. Metadata (call-time and duration) is used for technical support and billing purposes.

Still have questions?

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