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We Treat People, Not Prescriptions

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Diagnoses of back, hip, shoulder, knee, anything pain are broad categories that require a tailored, individual approach every single time. Too often, as physical therapists, we have seen or heard of patient's "treated" as a diagnosis in light of the individual. At Team Sapiens Physical Therapy we realize that not all patient's are the same. So the rehabilitation they receive shouldn't be either.

We pride ourselves on our ability to acknowledge the diagnosis as a guide, and not a prescription. The site of a person's pain may be in the same location as the person next to them, but the mechanism of how their problem began, their resulting impairments and limitations, ultimate solutions, and most importantly how it impacts their life can be completely different.

As healthcare providers, we do our best to be adaptable to the patient's we treat. Things should not be the other way around. That is why we don't live and die by specialized tools and techniques. Tools only hold value if applied in the appropriate scenario, and at the appropriate time. In order to determine those times, a framework of symptom assessment and classification needs to be in place.

In combination with a thorough history of the problem (to gain information about the stage of healing: acute/inflammatory, sub-acute, or persistent/chronic - all of which require a different approach), we have found that the best way to classify symptoms is through the use of movement.

Observing a patient move allows for direct visualization and identification of impairments, and shows the resulting symptom response to loading. In this way, any recommendation or subsequent intervention is based on assessed and classified impairments. We don't like to guess or throw random interventions at patient's ("shotgun approach") in hopes that they miraculously get better.

Movement is also what we recommend for patient's to use in order to empower them to take control of their body. Rest assured it will be implemented in an evolving manner, based on your specific needs.

Our passion is helping people move more, and move better. So if you want to get more out of your body, and are sick of receiving cookie-cutter approaches, don't hesitate to reach out. We offer complimentary discovery sessions so that you can find out if our services are appropriate for you.

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