• Piotr Solowiej

Unexpected down time

I used to get pretty worked up when a client would cancel or something work related wouldn’t pan out. I won’t say I’ve learned, because I haven’t, but I am starting to accept what happens and going with the flow.

The reality is that I, nor anyone out there, can’t control the world around them. Sometimes things just don’t go as you planned and that’s okay.

I had two people cancel last minute on Friday, and for valid, exceptional reasons might I add.

People cancelling and being self employed means I don’t get paid. It stings. On the other hand, as being self employed I’m not forced to do some BS project during down time so that my boss and boss’s boss, and boss’s boss’s boss can say the company was very productive today. I have even heard of corporate setting PT's being sent home and forced to utilize their PTO due to low census.

Situations like that just lead to resentment and decreased motivation to do the job well or go the extra mile. We can’t always keep pushing people for more and more (productivity). That includes ourselves. In rehab and exercise overworking leads to overuse problems. At work it leads to burnout.

Burnout it a serious issue in the healthcare industry, let alone physical therapy. As providers how can we expect to help others experiencing physical and mental challenges when we ourselves are often not in a good headspace either?

This is a snippet of what I did with my down time after two back to back sessions cancelled:

No silly projects. Just me time.

I am becoming thankful for these impromptu exercise sessions. It’s good for my physical and mental wellbeing, which ultimately puts me in a better position to help the people that seek my services.

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