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What moves you?

Treadmills and iron weights aren't the only ways to get the physical activity we need to keep our bodies healthy. I am a big fan of activity based methods. Think martial arts, dancing, yoga, rock climbing, and basically any sport. There is great value in the relationships that are built in these settings. Some people feed off of competition, but aside from that there is (more importantly, in my opinion) almost always strong intra-group support for the individuals of that community. Those relationships are key in keeping people active and healthy because it keeps them consistently coming back to the activity.

Obviously with COVID it has not been advisable to meet, let alone exercise, in groups.

Fortunately things are looking up with vaccines being rolled out.

In the mean time, I wanted to share something I recently found that has me motivated and moving more. It's an app called HomeCourt. Full disclosure, I have absolutely no incentive or ties to the people that make it, I just think it's super cool. It's basically a training app specific for basketball skills, although it does involve a few soccer drills from what I've discovered after exploring it a bit more. What's perfect about it, for COVID times, is that it tracks your performance and development of various skills which you can share (if you chose) among family, friends, or others in the virtual community. It's not the same as in-person, but it's something as we ride out hopefully the tail end of the pandemic. A bonus is that a lot of the drills are fun. For example, take a look at one of my recent attempts on 'Ordered Reaction:'

I had a lot of fun with this. Getting feedback of a score, after each round in my head I just kept thinking I could do better and would try again. A half hour later I had a pretty good workout under my belt, and had a good time doing it too. I'll choose this over a hamster wheel any day.

Reflecting on the past 12 months, it's obvious that life has changed drastically and had massive consequences for our collective financial, physical, emotional, and mental health. That's why I'd love to hear what you've found motivating in the past year in the comments. As a physical therapist, I regularly recommend people increase their physical activity levels, but there are usually a number of barriers. I'd like to have some new options so what better way than to learn what has been successful for you during such a tough year.

So, to wrap things ups, what has moved you in the past year? Would appreciate anything you can share!

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