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  • Dr. Piotr Solowiej PT, DPT

What can Physical Therapy do for me?

Physical therapists work in many settings. Orthopedics is one of the more significant branches. If you're in pain or are having difficulty/pain with running, walking, squatting, golfing, swimming, anything.

Reach out to a physical therapist to see how they can help you.

Ask to speak with a physical therapist in person!

At Team Sapiens Physical Therapy we offer complimentary discovery sessions where you can come talk to us for half an hour to see if we're a good fit. If you live in the Chicago area, specifically in the Northshore, stop by to see how we can help!

The other day in the clinic, Slavko had a new patient that was not sure about being there. He didn't see how a physical therapist was going to help him - until examination findings were related to his golf game....

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