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Physical Therapy Myth: It hurts!

What do you picture when you think of physical therapy? Your view has likely developed from personal experience (good or bad), stories from close friends and family, as well as information gleaned from various forms of media.

Chances are your views of physical therapy are different than mine. And that's alright! Every physical therapist practices a bit differently than the next, just like all other professions: physicians, plumbers, bakers, construction workers, scientists, chefs, lawyers, accountants, mechanics - you name it.

In the profession there are going to be PT's that go above and beyond the norm, as well as those that fall short of par...

I'm doing my best to solidify myself in the former.

For those that have had a bad experience in PT, I want you to know that the profession as a whole has and is changing immensely. For the better.

I believe one of the most important distinctions between the 'good' and 'bad' PT experiences is education. Not necessarily academic education of the therapist, at least not directly. I'm talking about patient and client education. As a former patient and now a provider, I find that the best outcomes occur when the patient is informed, understands the therapist's findings, and buys-in to their treatment plan.

One of the biggest misconceptions about PT, is that it is painful. My job is to work within the limits of your pain, in order help you better understand your body, and find ways to minimize and eliminate your pain. The days of "No Pain, No Gain" are long gone.

Today the motto is more like: Know Pain, Know Gain.

Unfortunately, there are many more myths about the profession. Again I want to do my part to educate the public about potential misconceptions, because I truly believe in the benefits of guided, therapeutic movement and exercise.

Here are 6 more of the most common myths about PT, debunked with facts and stats by the good people at Move Forward PT.

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